Study in the second most vibrant province in Canada – British Columbia!  Two of the largest cities in British Columbia that are open to attracting students from across the globe are Kelowna and Vancouver!  The top two recognized post-secondary institutions in Kelowna are the University of British Columbia and Okanagan College, while several recognized schools are in Vancouver. We can assist with your school enrollment at an eligible institution in Kelowna, Vancouver, the wider British Columbia and across Canada.  Opportunities for students to invest while they study also exist.

A Canadian education is one of the very best that can be obtained in the world today.  Due to this fact, thousands of persons enroll in the hundreds of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) across Canada to further or achieve that accomplishment.

Let Global Direct Canada Immigration Services help you get that study visa.  We have access to colleges and universities across Canada and we can assist with your application to the school of your choice, including English or French Language schools.

Every year, Canada welcomes over 100,000 students from around the world to study at various Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) or just to learn English or French as a second language. These students need authorization to study in the form of a study permit for any course that will last beyond six months. However, if the duration of a student’s course or program of studies, regardless of the subject matter, is six months or less and will be completed within the period of their authorized stay, then no study permit is required.

If applicable, your spouse and/or children may be eligible to join you in Canada for the duration of your program of study, provided they meet the required immigration criteria.  Spouses may be eligible for an open work permit and minor children may attend school with or without a study permit.

There are available routes for international students to remain permanently in Canada, after successful completion and graduation from their program of study.

Study Permits

Basic eligibility criteria for a study permit:

  • Be accepted by a designated learning institution in Canada,
  • Prove that you have enough money for your tuition fees, living expenses for yourself and any family members that will come with you to Canada and return fares to your country,
  • Must be in good health and be willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary
  • Must have no criminal records and not be a security risk to Canada, proof via the provision of a police clearance certificate,
  • Must convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay as a student.

We offer the following services to international students:

  • Admission to public schools across Canada  – College, University
  • Study permit and visa application
  • Temporary resident status application for spouses and children of students
  • Permit renewals/extensions for students and their family members
  • Change of conditions on study permit

Categories of Student Visa

  • SPP Program (students from China, India and Vietnam)
  • General Study Permit category

Steps to Apply for a Visa:

  • Get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and admission in the chosen college
  • Pay the tuition fees quoted in the LOA
  • Gather and arrange the documents required for the visa application
  • Complete the visa application for submission to Canadian visa office
  • Apply for the visa

Applying for a Visa with Global Direct Canada is done entirely online – no original documents are required:

  • The student will need access to a reliable laptop/computer/phone with an internet connection and scanner.
  • Our team will guide you through the process

Contact us today or visit our study in Canada page for further details in accessing your Canadian education.