Global Direct Canada Immigration Services

You have already made a bold move by just thinking of visiting temporarily or living permanently in Canada! As part of the North American continent, Canada is a vast, beautiful country with warm, friendly and polite people and its doors are still open to receiving more. The country itself is made up of ten provinces and three territories, stretching from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast and areas reaching northwards to the amazing North Pole. You can visit temporarily as a tourist, business person, student or worker. To live permanently is possible too. For that reason, each province or territory offers programs to help certain categories of people make Canada their second home. The federal government of Canada also has a fast-track route (Express Entry) to get you here and we can help through the entire process.

We offer services for:

Temporary Immigration

Other Services

  • Citizenship applications
  • Restoration of status
  • Change of conditions
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Sworn Affidavits / Oaths
  • (visit our Other Services page for more)

**Persons meeting minimum requirements of specific years of skilled work experience, proven language ability, formal education, skills trade training and set minimum income thresholds for some types of family sponsorship can apply for permanent residence.


Contact us today and let us assess your eligibility and guide you through the time-consuming process to come to Canada.